Rela-hierojat welcomes Edenred Massage customers

Rela-hierojat welcomes Edenred Massage customers

The largest massage chain in Finland, Rela-hierojat, now also helps users of Edenred's Massage benefit to relax, recover and feel better. Now the Edenred Massage network includes almost 80 Terveystalo Rela-hierojat offices around the country. With Rela-hierojat, your well-being is in good hands.

Finland's largest network of welfare services

Together with Terveystalo, Rela -hierojat forms Finland's largest network of experts in health and wellness services. Joining Rela-hierojat in Edenred's massage network is a wish come true for many Massage benefit users. With Rela-hierojat, Edenred Massage, launched in 2021, already covers more than 3,000 places where Massage benefit can be used.

The cooperation between Rela-hierojat and Edenred brings with it even more opportunities to use the Massage benefit. There are offices all over Finland from the south to the north, and massage times vary from 25 minutes to up to two hours. If you need a short moment of relaxation or longer help with muscle pain, the services of Rela-hierojat therapists complement Edenred's massage network brilliantly.

You can also jump directly to the payment instructions for Rela-hierojat.

Relax in the hands of well-being professionals

Regular massage supports the well-being of the body and mind and is an excellent way to recover in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Terveystalo´s  expert Aki Sillman emphasizes the health benefits of regular massage:

"At best, even one massage can reset the day's stress levels. While going regularly may promote a comprehensive recovery from a tough everyday life," says Sillman, a specialized massage therapist at Rela-hierojat.


Massage brings numerous health benefits, e.g. acceleration of metabolism and lifting of mood. Relaxed and recovered muscles also help you sleep better. A good night's sleep helps to cope with everyday life.

"Incorporating massage into your monthly routine may well contribute to overall well-being," Sillman continues.

With remote work, many face challenges in work ergonomics

The increased ergonomic challenges due to widespread remote work have shown the importance and necessity of massage for the well-being of employees. Disadvantages caused by insufficient ergonomics trouble many people and in the worst cases lead to muscle pains and even sick leave. Jyri Eklund, trained massage therapist of Rela-hierojat, says:

"Regular massage can prevent and treat muscle tension in the neck and shoulder area caused by insufficient work ergonomics."


In recent years, the increased remote work culture has significantly affected the ergonomics and conditions of employees. At home, the workstation, tools and working positions can be very different than at the workplace. The importance of body movement and breaks is emphasized, but a short stretch during the working day does not prevent all muscle stiffness, especially if the working position itself has room for improvement. The importance of muscle mobility in terms of well-being cannot be emphasized enough, so regular massage is beneficial for everyone.

With the Rela card, you get all massages at half price

You get the best effect from a massage when you go there often enough and regularly. Rela-hierojat offers large consumers of massage services its popular regular customer´s card, the Rela Card, with which you can enjoy a massage at half price. You can of course also use your Edenred's massage benefit to buy this loyalty card.

Please note that you can buy the Rela card with the Massage benefit only at Rela-hierojat offices, not from the online store for the time being.

The price of the Rela card is 60 €/year and the loyalty benefits are valid at all Rela-hierojat offices. Get a massage 50% cheaper just when you need it, because the card has no purchase limits. The card is personal and valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Loyal customer discounts do not apply to student massages, campaign prices or gift cards.

Pay for your massage at Rela-hierojat offices with mobile payment

With Edenred's massage benefit, you can pay with a mobile payment at the offices of Rela massage therapists. You can choose to pay with either Apple Pay, Google Pay or Edenred Pay found in MyEdenred.

Two ways to pay for a massage with a mobile payment, choose the one that suits you best:

  1. You can add your massage benefit to either Apple Pay or Google Wallet and pay easily and securely with contactless payment.
  2. You can go to the MyEdenred application under the Massage benefit and pay in the application with Edenred Pay mobile payment.

Edenred Massage is its own benefit, created for the purchase of massage services

Please note that Edenred's wide selection of benefits includes the massage benefit under the name Edenred Massage as well as the sports and culture benefit Edenred Virike. These are separate benefits, because Edenred Virike is intended for recreational and hobby activities and cannot be used to pay for massage services. Massage services must be paid for only with Edenred Massage. If you are not sure which benefit you have, you can check it on MyEdenred.

Find your nearest Rela-hierojat massager in our Merchant Search.

Employer, order Edenred Massage for your employees

By offering massage benefit, you show that you care about your staff's well-being. The well-being of personnel leads to a reduction in sickness absences, an increase in job satisfaction and an increase in commitment. In addition, when recruiting a new workforce, versatile employment benefits are a significant competitive advantage. The benefits of the massage benefit are therefore undeniable both in the short and long term.

Order the massage benefit of the market leader for your employees. At the same time, you offer them a nationwide network of Rela-hierojat.

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