How do I pay with Edenred Pay mobile payment?

Edenred Pay mobile payment is an easy and safe way to pay with your employment benefit. It enables you to use your benefits by phone directly from the MyEdenred service.

All of Edenred's Lounari, Virike, and Hieronta locations are ready to accept Edenred Pay mobile payments.

  1. Open the MyEdenred app or browser version and start by selecting 'Create Mobile Payment' or by clicking on the map banner.
  2. Select where you want to use your benefit from MyEdenred based on name or location (the application shows nearby access points if your phone has the location function on).
  3. Check that you are creating a payment from the correct benefit (e.g. massage services cannot be paid with the Edenred Virike) and select 'Create mobile payment'.
  4. Enter the amount to be paid (pay attention to the payment limits of the benefits) and, if you wish, specify the service you are paying for in the additional information field. After that 'Confirm' payment.
  5. Show the receipt to the cashier.

Note! If you're making a remote payment (for example in the service provider's online store), follow the location-specific instructions for confirming the payment transaction and activating the service.

If you're paying for a meal that exceeds the maximum value of the lunch benefit or your balance does not fully cover the amount, pay the remaining part with another payment method, e.g. your own bank card. Please check with the service provider how the payment is divided into two parts.