Tap to pay with Google Pay™

Tap to pay with Google Pay™

Now it's official! You can add all  Edenred's benefits to your own Google Wallet™ and tap to pay for lunch, exercise and culture, massage, and soon also dental care with Google Pay easily and securely.

Many benefits — one wallet

Whether you use Lunch, Virike, Transport, Massage, or Dental, we are pleased to announce the great news. You can now add all of Edenred's physical and virtual payment cards to Google Wallet and use Google Pay to pay with employee benefits! We are the only provider of employee benefits in Finland that offers this fast, modern, and secure payment method.

Secure payments with Google Pay

Google Pay is a contactless payment method that works with the Android operating system, which guarantees secure and easy payments with your phone or smartwatch. Payments are made securely by biometric identification, either with face recognition or fingerprint, so only you can pay with your Android device. With Google Pay, you can easily pay for purchases also over 50 € with contactless payment, so forget about entering PIN codes! Your phone is always in your pocket - so are your benefits.

Activate Google Pay and take advantage of your benefits effortlessly

This is how you add your Edenred card to Google Wallet to make payments with Google Pay
  1. Download Google Wallet to your Android phone
  2. Tap “Add to Wallet”  and follow the instructions on the screen

  3. Verify your card is needed, and then you're ready to pay wherever you see the contactless payment symbol or the Google Pay logo - paying is done with just a few clicks!

Google Pay and Google Wallet are trademarks of Google LLC.