Edenred's versatile mobile payment methods

Edenred's versatile mobile payment methods

We have expanded our payment options and now all Edenred benefits (Lunch, Virike, Massage, Transport and Wellbeing) work in Apple Pay and Google Pay.

With the new payment methods, receiving Edenred payments will become much more convenient, as Apple Pay and Google Pay work like a regular bank card contactless payment. Receiving them is easy and safe - you only need a payment terminal with a contactless payment feature.

Extensive payment options increase customer satisfaction

Our versatile payment solutions – card, voucher, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Edenred Pay – are known to be the most extensive on the market. Together, they increase customer satisfaction and offer our partners a flexible option to accept Edenred as a payment method.

Digital payment solutions have quickly grown in popularity, as they are easy, secure, and conveniently go everywhere on the phone. With this, we want to enable smooth mobile payment for everyone - regardless of the Edenred benefit.

Easy mobile payment with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Apple and Google's mobile payment solutions are known for their ease. Paying is faster than using cash and cards, and biometric identification (Face ID and Touch ID) increases their security.

Although the payment methods work like a traditional contactless payment, they differ from paying with a contactless payment card in that they can also be used to pay for purchases that exceed the contactless payment limit (50 €). For purchases that exceed the limit, the customer's smart device may require to confirm their identity again with Face ID or Touch ID for security reasons.

Accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay payments

Different mobile payment methods can be confusing from the merchant's point of view. By offering the beneficiary the opportunity to pay with their benefits using Apple Pay or Google Pay, we unify the payment solutions for our various benefits. In this way, the reception of our benefits is clearer for you.

Apple Pay and Google Pay work like regular bank card contactless payments. The only difference to standard bank card payments is that the card can be found virtually on the customer's Apple or Android smart device. Payments are made by bringing the card near a payment terminal equipped with a contactless payment feature and waiting until a beep confirms the acceptance of the payment.

Selecting card

The customer opens the wallet application on their device and selects the Edenred card.

Determinating the payment amount

Enter the amount the customer wants to pay into the cash register or payment terminal.

Making a payment

The customer activates the card with Face/Touch ID and holds the smart device near the card reader until a beep confirms the payment. The payment is now complete!

Edenred's mobile payment method Edenred Pay

Edenred Pay is Edenred's own mobile payment method for Lounari, Virike and Massage benefits. Edenred Pay is automatically enabled for all our partners who have registered on our Merchant portal. If you have separately requested that the payment method in question be deactivated, contact our customer service and we will activate it back for you.

You can view Edenred Pay payments in real-time in the 'Mobile Payments' tab of the Merchant portal. On that tab, you will automatically see the amount paid to your company, your customer's name, and the payment date.



Choice of benefit

The customer selects the right benefit in the MyEdenred application and clicks the "Create mobile payment" button or the map banner.


Determination of amount

The customer enters the amount to be paid into the application, adds a possible message to the additional information field and clicks "Confirm".

Edenred-Contactless-mobile -payment

Checking the receipt

Check your customer's smartphone screen that the information on the payment receipt is correct (name, amount, time of payment). A successful payment is also visible in the Merchant portal.

The differences between mobile payment solutions

Apple and Google payment methods do not require an internet connection, unlike Edenred Pay, so they work anywhere and anytime. In addition, they serve as a means of payment for all Edenred benefits.

As with Edenred Pay payments, you only pay the service fee when you receive a payment made with an Edenred virtual card. Payment transactions made with Apple Pay and Google Pay are settled 24-48 hours after receiving the payment. Edenred Pay settlements are paid to the bank account you have indicated 2 times a month: on the 2nd and 16th of each month.

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