What does Edenred online payment mean?

Edenred's online payment refers to a purchase made in an online store using the information of a Mastercard-based payment card.

Edenred card is a Mastercard-based payment card. The cardholder can make an Edenred online payment by selecting the Mastercard option from the online payment method menu. The card is used by entering the following information: the card number and validity period found on the front of the payment card, and the CVC number found on the back.

Online payment is made directly in the merchant's online store by entering the Edenred card information during the payment transaction. The payment is processed through the online store's payment intermediary and the order is entered directly into the online store's order.

Please note that even though the Edenred Pay payment can also be made remotely, it is a separate payment method from online payments. Edenred Pay is a mobile payment made in the MyEdenred application that does not require card information. 

For online payments to work, the service provider must have its own online payment contract with Edenred.


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