Hello entrepreneur, take advantage of our employee benefits

Hello entrepreneur, take advantage of our employee benefits

Did you know that employee benefits are not just a privilege for company employees? If you operate, for example, as a small or sole proprietor, you can also take advantage of the income tax exemption for employee benefits within the limits set by the Tax Administration – benefits of up to thousands of euros per year!

If you eat in restaurants, enjoy exercise, culture, and massage, or your mornings start with commuting, you should pay part of your salary as tax-supported employee benefits. Their right to tax deduction gives you a tangible financial benefit. If your company has employees, you can offer employment benefits to them as well.

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Edenred Lounari brings energy to working days

The lunch benefit is Finland's most popular employee benefit and Edenred's lunch network is the largest in Finland. The tax-free portion of the benefit is 25%, and there is no need to pay employer contributions. The remaining 75% is taxable income and comparable to a salary. The lunch benefit is charged based on the number of working days each month (on average 21 days/month).

Although the name may be confusing, the benefit can be used regardless of the time of day and day of the week – since our working hours do not fit into traditional office hours. The lunch benefit is not limited to traditional restaurants and cafes either, the benefit can also be used in grocery stores, Wolt, and for home delivery costs, so it is also great for remote workers.

Edenred Virike keeps the body and mind refreshed

The sports and culture benefit is a tax-deductible benefit. The benefit enables you to pay for versatile sports and cultural activities, Edenred's network already includes thousands of places of use all over Finland!

Edenred Transport not only supports its users but also the environment

The commuting benefit, i.e. the employee travel ticket, means a personal travel ticket for public transport, which is intended for the journey between the apartment and the workplace. However, the use of the ticket is not subject to restrictions regarding the number of trips or the time of day.

Edenred Massage takes care of the body

The massage benefit is a benefit whose purpose is muscle care, recovery, and relaxation.

A prosperous entrepreneur is the key to a successful company

As an entrepreneur, it's easy to have a lot of passion for your own company, but don't let it distract you from your own well-being! Once recovered, you enable yourself, your company, and your employees to have the best chance for success – and what's best, you can do it tax-subsidized, i.e. cost-effectively!

Please note that all other forms of entrepreneur and business, municipalities, foundations, and associations except a private entrepreneur (business name) can use employee benefits. In the case of a trade name entrepreneur, the situation is different, because the entrepreneur does not pay himself a salary. Even in this case, the benefits can still be implemented for employees.

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Is your choice a modern mobile model, a physical payment card with the features of a mobile model and contactless payment, or traditional paper vouchers? Compare usage models and choose the most suitable payment method for you. Tens of thousands of our places of use are waiting!

Sounds cost-effective, doesn't it? Check out our comprehensive selection of benefits and order yours today!