Working life tastes better with the lunch benefit

Finland's most popular employee benefit restores, nourishes, and keeps you full every working day of the year.

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Finland's most popular employee benefit restores, nourishes, and keeps you full every working day of the year.

Why offer lunch benefit?

A tax-supported benefit

A cost-effective way to engage employees, check the minimum and maximum value per working day

The most popular and widest employee benefit

Finland's most popular employee benefit works like a charm in Finland's largest lunch network

The longest validity period on the market

The general validity period of the benefit is up to 2 years

The most versatile payment methods

Lounari works with all our payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Pay


Widest lunch network in Finland

Restaurants, cafes, kiosks, Wolt, home delivery fees, restaurant trolleys, grocery stores...

Edenred Lounari offers you the widest lunch network in Finland, i.e. almost 15,000 opportunities to take advantage of your valuable benefit and the most versatile payment methods. 25% money is saved with each payment – every fifth lunch is practically free!

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Pay with the most versatile methods

Edenred Lounari offers employees the most versatile payment methods on the market. The alternatives are the Edenred card (virtual or physical), Apple Pay, Google Pay, Edenred Pay mobile payment, or the familiar and traditional Lunch vouchers.

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Taxation of the lunch benefit

Edenred Lounari is a 25% tax-free benefit that is loaded to employees' accounts on a monthly basis. The amount to be loaded varies according to the number of monthly working days of each employee (on average 21 working days/month). The lunch benefit is work day-specific and intended to be used once a day. The Tax Administration determines the daily minimum and maximum payment limits for the benefit

The lunch benefit can be offered to employees as a fringe benefit (as a favorable salary increase) or as a lunch deduction (charged from the employee's salary).

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Fringe benefit

A benefit in kind is like a salary increase. By offering a lunch benefit on top of the salary, the employer saves 25%.

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Lunch deduction

The lunch deduction is charged to the employee's salary. 25% of the lunch benefit is tax deductible, i.e. the employee pays the remaining 75%.

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