Massage benefit also known as Edenred Massage

The tax-free massage benefit relaxes and restores employees and prevents sick leaves and stress.

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The tax-free massage benefit relaxes and restores employees and prevents sick leaves and stress.

Why offer a massage benefit?

Tax-free benefit

Edenred Massage is tax-free benefit, so it is a cost-efficient way to engage employees. 

Comprehensive network

Edenred’s massage network has thousands of service providers across Finland from which you can conveniently choose your preferred massagists.

Long validity period

The general validity period of the Edenred massage benefit is 2 years, which is the longest on the market!

Modern payment methods

The massage benefit works with our modern payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Edenred Pay

Vincit employees take it easy with Edenred's massage benefits

In addition to the massage benefit, Vincit uses the entire Edenred benefits palette! Mobile payment makes their everyday life easier and is a more ecological choice for restorative moments.

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How does the massage benefit work?

Edenred Massage is a completely virtual benefit that works with your smartphone. You can easily pay for massage services with Apple Pay, Google Pay and the Edenred Pay mobile payment of the MyEdenred app.

Payment methods
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Where does the massage benefit work?

The tax-free massage benefit can be used to pay for various classical and sports massage treatments. In addition, the tax exemption of the benefit requires that it is used only in places that the employer has specified and that are part of Edenred's benefit network.

About taxation

Taxation of the massage benefit

The massage benefit is a tax-free benefit, which according to the Tax Administration must be offered normally and reasonably. The benefit must be offered collectively to the entire staff within the tax-free maximum limits

In addition, the Tax Administration instructs that the employer must define the places where the targeted payment method (i.e. massage benefit) can be used. This is done through an agreement between the company that orders the benefit and the service provider offering massage services. Edenred offers an easy tool for this, which makes it easy to create contracts online.

About taxation

Flexible use of benefits

If you offer your employees sports and culture (Virike), commuting and/or dental benefit in addition to the massage benefit, Edenred's MyChoice feature allows transferring balance between them. The feature allows employees to use their benefits more flexibly, while taking into account the maximum limits defined by the Tax Administration

Activation is completely free of charge and can be done by contacting us.


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