Bike benefit also known as Edenred Bike

The tax-free bike benefit brings speed and a sense of freedom to the employee's everyday life.

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The tax-free bike benefit brings speed and a sense of freedom to the employee's everyday life.

Four reasons to offer the bike benefit

Tax-free fringe benefit

Edenred Bike is an easy and cost-effective way to expand your company's employee benefit offering. Thanks to the tax-free benefit, employees can acquire a bicycle for themselves at up to 30% off!

Freedom to choose your bike

The benefit covers our partner Vapaus' wide range of bicycles, from traditional bikes to electric bikes, as well as various bike accessories.

Easy administration

Administration is easy for the employer! Everything needed is conveniently available in the Vapaus mobile application.

Environmentally friendly choice

Offering bikes as an employee benefit is a step towards the company's environmental goals and car-free travel.

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The bike benefit for employers

The bike benefit is a tax-free employee benefit that can be offered up to 1200 euros per year per employee. A common way to provide this benefit is by deducting it from the employee's gross salary on a monthly basis. Any type of company that wants to invest in the well-being of its employees can offer this benefit.

Edenred Bike is an easy way to offer the bike benefit. Our partner Vapaus provides support and training for acquiring company bicycles, convenient management of the benefit through the Vapaus mobile app, and a selection of over 200 bicycle brands.


The pricing of the bike benefit is straightforward. You can choose the most suitable package for your company from the three options below. Billing will be handled through Vapaus accordingly.

Vapaus Starter

The risk-free Starter package is an easy way to start using the bike benefit.

0 €

No monthly fee for the employer

Vapaus Pro

Most popular! Includes all the basic elements for easy implementation of the benefit.

12 €

per month / active bike

Vapaus Enterprise

The most scalable and user-centric premium service with customizable options. 

16 €

per month / active bike



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The bike benefit for employees

With an employer-provided bike, you cycle both work and leisure trips! The Edenred Bike benefit makes it more easy and affordable to acquire a quality bike. Thanks to the tax-free benefit,you can save  between 15-35% off the purchase price.

The price of the bike is deducted in 100 € monthly installments directly from your gross salary – so you have also money for other things and you don't have to worry about the payments yourself. Due to this deduction, your tax percentage decreases without affecting e.g. your pension contributions. Calculate your savings with Vapaus' benefit bike calculator.

You can choose your dream bike from over 200 brands, ranging from traditional bikes to electric bikes. With the bike benefit, you can also purchase various accessories, such as such as lights, pedals, and tires, tax-free for your bicycle.


Example calculation for the beneficiary

This is how much you can save with the bike benefit in bike acquisition costs when your gross salary is 3600 €.

Price of the bike package 3000 €
Monthly payment for the bike package 100 €
Duration of the contract period 40 months
Gross salary 3600 €
Tax percentage 21 %
Tax payable 756 €
Net salary 2844 €
The effect of the benefit on the tax percentage 0,6 %
New gross salary 3500 €
New tax percentage 20,4 %
Tax payable after the benefit 714 €
Impact of the benefit on the salary -58 €
Cost during the contract period 2320 €
Redemption price at the end of the contract period (1%) 30 €

Estimated total savings 650 € (21,67%)

Calculate your savings

The taxation of the bike benefit 

The bike benefit is an employee benefit offered in the same way as a salary increase. It can be offered to employees within the annual tax-free payment limits. This fringe benefit is tax-free for the employee and tax-deductible for the employer. The bike benefit is considered part of the transport benefit.

It is not necessary to offer the benefit collectively to all staff, and the employer can determine how much of it is provided within the maximum limit set by the Finnish Tax Administration.

About taxation

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