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How to edit top-up requests in the ordering tool?

When making new top-up requests, please note that different employees may have top-up requests with different amounts. Before you can edit new lunch values, the fixed/daily values must be changed in the ordering tool.

  1. Log in to ordering tool and choose 'Employee orders'
  2. Choose 'Top-up – MyEdenred'
  3. Choose 'Load order confirmation'
  4. Choose 'Order lunch benefit'
  5. Next, you can either (A) edit individual requests, (B) reject the requests, and (C) reject the requests and ask employees to redo them

Option A:

  1. Edit the benefit per day -amount from the drop-down box for each employee
  2. Confirm the change by pressing 'Submit'

Option B:

  1. Reject the top-up requests (choose all and press 'Reject')
  2. Make new top-up requests with updated values using the 'Order via online form' option

Option C:

  1. Reject the top-up requests (choose all and press 'Reject')
  2. Ask your employees to make a new top-up request in MyEdenred after you have updated the new lunch values in the ordering tool