What are the payment limits for employee benefits?

The Tax Administration determines annual and tax-free payment limits for all of our employee benefits.

Edenred Lounari

Lunch benefit payment limits: Minimum value €8 and maximum value €12,70 per working day.

Values of Lunch vouchers: €12, €12.40 and €12.70

Edenred Virike

The tax-free limit of the sports and culture benefit: €400/year per employee.

Values of Virike vouchers: €10 and €5

Edenred Transport

Tax-free limit of the commuting benefit: €3400/year per employee.

Edenred Massage

Edenred massage benefit's tax-free limit: €360/year per employee.

Edenred Dental

Edenred's dental benefit's tax-free limit: €3000/year per employee.