How do I spend my entire lunch benefit so that it doesn't fall below the minimum payment limit?

You can maximise the use of your benefit by splitting it into several payments.

Example: if you have a lunch benefit of 17 € on your account, you should not pay for a 13.50 € lunch at your full benefit, as you will have 3.50 € left on your account (which is below the minimum lunch benefit limit of 8,50 €).

Instead, you can pay 8,50 € with your benefit and the rest with another payment method, leaving 8,50 € available to your benefit balance for the next day (17 €-8,50 € = 8,50 €), which covers the minimum payment limit. This means you can use your entire benefit balance!

Please note that when paying, you must specify to the cashier the amount you want to be charged from your lunch benefit between 8,50 € and 13,50 €. If you do not pay the full amount with your lunch benefit, you can pay the remaining amount with another payment method, such as your debit card.