How can I recognize the authenticity of a Lunch or Virike voucher?

The authenticity of the vouchers can be verified by their security markings.

Lounasseteli vasemmalla ja Virikeseteli oikealla. Lounassetelin päällä on numerointi turvaohjeita varten.
  1. Security marking
    Numerous security markings are printed transparently on the voucher. You can see them under UV light and with the naked eye against the light. The security markings are as follows: the Edenred logo printed multiple times on the surface of the vouchers and the year of validity on the lower right and upper left corners. 
  2. Fibers and watermark
    The voucher has fibers that only stand out under UV light, as well as a watermark that stands out when viewed against the light. 
  3. Voucher-specific serial number
    The 8-digit serial number of the voucher, which is also used to calculate the check number.
  4. Check number
    The voucher-specific check number is formed by adding the last 4 digits of the voucher’s serial number together and adding 10. The check number is always at least 10 and at most 46. 
  5. QR code
    There is a QR code on both sides of the voucher, which contains information about the identification of the voucher. 
  6. Voucher-specific code
    A three-digit voucher-specific code printed in black (Lounari) or green (Virike).
  7. Patterns
    Wavy lines with small rings on top have been added to the voucher. 
  8. Rosette
    The rosette consists of several, layered lines. 


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