What should I remember when accepting online payments as an Edenred partner?

Here is a checklist for receiving online payments as an Edenred partner.

  1. Make sure that the services and/or products you sell are covered by the tax benefit in question.
  2. Enter your merchant or business ID when creating the contract with Edenred.
  3. Make sure that a Mastercard-based payment card works on your online store platform.
  4. Register your online store in the Edenred network and write “online store” after your company name to specify it is an online store.
  5. Limit one-time purchases so that the customer can only buy services/products for themselves with the Edenred card for tax reasons.
  6. Restrictions can be made by excluding items by using the bank identifier (BIN) of the Edenred card (5342 87).
  7. You must disable 3D Secure verification for Edenred online payments.
  8. Edenred makes a test purchase when everything is ready. When everything is working, you can start accepting Edenred online payments. 

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