What kind of company is suitable to join Edenred's Wellbeing network?

A suitable partner is a company that offers preventative and treating procedures. Treatment other than healthcare, such as aesthetic treatment, is not covered by the wellbeing benefit.

Examples of experts in the Edenred Wellbeing product include the following professional titles: 

  • Gynecologist 
  • Dentist 
  • Dermatologist 
  • Cardiologist 
  • Orthopedist 
  • Psychologist or psychotherapist 
  • Ophthalmologist 
  • Urologist 
  • General practitioner 
  • Nurse 
  • Physiotherapist 
  • Occupational hygiene expert 
  • Professional in vision, nutrition, speech therapy or exercise, with a relevant professional qualification and at least 2 study credits of occupational health training
  • Substance abuse rehabilitation 
  • Occupational therapist 
  • Podiatrist 
  • Osteopath 
  • Naprapath 
  • Chiropractor 
According to our interpretation, equivalent services are also allowed: 
  • Kalevala bone setter 
If you offer treatment procedures, you can join Edenred's Wellbeing network.

Join Edenred Wellbeing network here.