What are the delivery method, time, and price of gift cards?

During the order phase, choose whether you want the gift cards to be delivered electronically or as printed cards.

Delivery of printed gift cards

We aim to send printed gift cards by post within two business days of placing the order* (the delivery time of letter mail is generally four working days). Please note that Posti's delivery time may vary, and we are not responsible for any delays. Check out the delivery price list here.

Delivery of electronic gift cards

Electronic eDelicard® gift cards are sent free of charge to the recipients' email addresses immediately after placing the order* or at a specified time chosen by the orderer.

Price list

You can familiarize yourself with the price list of Delicard® gift cards and their delivery here.

*NOTE! If you choose an invoice as the payment method for your gift card order, the order will be confirmed and sent the next business day.