How do I add my card to the HSL app and what tickets can I buy?

The HSL app is a payment card in digital form, so your phone acts as your ticket.

The HSL app allows you to add the Edenred Transport card to your mobile device in digital format.

This is how you can add your Transport card to the app:

  1. Download the HSL app to your phone from the app store
  2. Open the HSL app
  3. Select the "More" tab in the bottom right-hand corner
  4. Click "Settings" and then "Payment methods" and from the top right corner "Add card"
  5. Add your Edenred Transport card details to the app
  6. Your Transport card is now available in the HSL app
    1. Please note that you may have many different cards in the application. When you buy a ticket, you can select the payment card you want from the list.

The HSL app works in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and allows you to buy 1-7 day tickets, multi-journey tickets and 30 day tickets in addition to single tickets. You can also subscribe to a season ticket with continuous savings. Read more about HSL tickets and prices.

Before buying your ticket, check which zones (A, B, C, D) you will be travelling in and choose your ticket so that it is valid in each of them. Read more about the HSL area and zones.