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How long are the employee's card and benefits valid after the end of employment?

Employee payment cards and employee benefits are valid for 30 days from the date the employee is set to 'Out of Service' status in the Ordering tool (or from the date the benefit expiry date is defined in the Employer Portal).

You can change the status of an employee in the Ordering Tool or the Employer Portal (depending on which system your company uses).

Setting the 'Dropped' status in the Ordering tool:

  1. Go to 'Employee management' from the top menu
  2. Find the person you want from the 'Employees' list and start editing by clicking on the pen icon
  3. Set the employee to 'Dropped' from the 'Type of employment' menu.
  4. You can also schedule the closing date of the card from the 'Schedule employment end date' option. The card will close 30 days after the defined date.
  5. Click 'Update' to save the settings. Please note that you cannot undo a change once you have saved it!

Note! The employee will be informed that the card can no longer be used.


Setting the end date of the benefit in the Employer Portal:

  1. Start by going to the 'Manage employees' section
  2. Click 'View' on the desired employee
  3. Set the desired date from the 'Entitlement to the benefit ends on' menu
  4. On the day the benefit expires, the employee will receive an email notification on the subject and will then not be able to make any downloads to their benefit account.
  5. The employee has 30 days to use any remaining benefit balance, after which the MyEdenred account and payment instruments will stop working.
Note! The employee will be informed that the card can no longer be used.