How do I terminate my merchant contract?

If you wish to terminate your contract, please notify us in writing using the contact form.

If you wish to terminate your contract, please give written notice using the contact form. To avoid any confusion, we do not accept notices of termination by telephone.

You will receive confirmation by email when your notice of termination has been processed. The contract will be terminated in accordance with our terms and conditions 30 days after receiving the notification. The termination applies to our voucher, card and mobile products.

Any unsettled vouchers must be settled 1 week (7 days) before the end of the termination period. We recommend the 100% insured voucher Pick-up service for vouchers settling.

Termination can be made by the owner of the company or by the contact person listed in the contract. The partner is responsible for their contract termination and Edenred is not obliged to cancel monthly invoices if the partner has a valid contract.

Note! If the entrepreneur changes, the previous entrepreneur must always terminate their own contract. The new entrepreneur then signs their own contract.