How do I create an e-commerce contract with Edenred?

Online payment can be implemented by creating an e-commerce contract with Edenred.

There are two options for creating an Edenred e-commerce contract: 

  1. If your company already is part of Edenred's merchant network and you have a valid contract with Edenred, a new, separate contract must be made for online payments. The new contract is made in the same way as your current one, but after the company name, you must write "online store" to separate the contracts from each other. Create a new contract here.
  2. If your company is not yet part of Edenred's merchant network, create a contract/contracts.
    1. If you want to receive payments only online, one (1) contract will be made between your company and Edenred, which will be identified as an e-commerce contract by writing "online store" after the company name while registering to the Edenred merchant network.
    2. If you want to receive payments online and on-site at your location, you must create two (2) contracts – a separate contract for the physical location and a separate contract for the online store.
    3. The online store contract is separated by adding "online store" after the company name. Create a contract here.

Your company must ensure that the products/services can be paid for with an employee benefit following the requirements set by the Tax Authority. In addition, note that your customer can only pay for services and products defined as personal with Edenred online payment. Read more.

NOTE! Even if you create a separate contract for e-commerce in addition to the existing contract, you only pay a possible monthly fee for one contract. (Edenred Lunch merchants)

We make sure that your payment transaction works and that your services and products are limited to the conditions defined by the Tax Authority. When your contract has been processed, you will receive a confirmation from Edenred.

If you need more information about Edenred online payment, you can contact our customer care.


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