What does receiving an online payment require from the merchant?

As an Edenred merchant, you can accept Edenred online payments if the following conditions are met: 

  • The online store is ready to accept MasterCard card payments.
  • The online store has a unique business code
  • The online store's offer must meet the requirements of the Tax Authority
  • The partner has a valid e-commerce contract with Edenred 

Merchant, consider the following when you add Edenred as a payment option to your online store or application: 

  • Check that your online store has products/services that fall within the scope of employee benefits according to the regulations of the Tax Authority.
    • If there are products/services in the online store that do not fall within the scope of the tax benefit, paying for them with the Edenred online payment must be prevented.
    • The purchase of non-permitted products/services can be restricted by using the bank identifier (BIN) of the Edenred card. Edenred's bank identifier is 5342 87.
    • The BIN range identifies both the card issuer and the card type, i.e. it tells the online store that the payment is made with an Edenred card. The bank identifier of the payment card (the first 6 digits on the payment card) identifies both the card issuer and the card type. It tells the online store during the payment transaction that the payment is made using an Edenred card.
    • Using the BIN range, it is possible to make definitions for products and/or services that are and are not covered by the tax benefit. In this case, the payment transaction will only be successful if the products / services are defined to fall under the product definitions of the employment benefit in question. Find out more about the possibilities of using the bank identifier with your e-commerce operator (e.g. Paytrail, Nets, Stripe). 
  • Make sure that your customer can only pay for services and products defined as personal with Edenred online payment.
    • It is recommended that the customer is required to create a user account before making a payment. We also recommend that the user account must be confirmed, e.g. via a confirmation link sent to an email.
    • At the time of purchase, the customer must confirm whether they are buying the product or service for themselves or as a gift. Only the product or service bought for oneself with the Edenred card can be sent to the customer. (It is recommended that, for example, the name of the buyer, i.e. the user of the ticket, be recorded on the event tickets.) 
  • Please note that Edenred's Mastercard-based payment card is not subject to the 3D Secure directive.
    • 3D Secure verification means that in connection with the purchase, the buyer confirms the payment in, e.g., an online bank.
    • If 3D Secure verification is used on your e-commerce platform or mobile application, the platform administrator must ensure that the Edenred card is not subject to strong authentication. 
  • The Tax Authority has limited the purchase of employee benefits to only one product / service per purchase transaction. Make sure that it is not possible to buy several products and/or services at the same purchase (e.g. to make group orders). 
  • Take into account the industry in question in online payments:
    • The Tax Authority publishes annual payment limits for the lunch benefit, there are no similar limits for other benefits.
    • If the purchase transactions of the online store exceed the payment limit of the Tax Authority, Edenred’s merchant must decide on the possible payment split. In case of an attempt to make a payment with an amount greater than the maximum limit set by the Tax Authority, the payment must be rejected.
    • If the amount of the online store purchase is lower than the annual minimum charge for the lunch allowance defined by the Tax Authority, the customer's card will still be charged the annual minimum amount.

Please note that as a part of Edenred’s merchant network, you are responsible to ensure that your online store complies with the regulations of the Tax Authority. 

If you need more information about Edenred online payment, you can send an email to edenredverkkomaksu@edenred.com 


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