Where can I check my balance amount and expiring balances?

You can check the balance of your employee benefits in the MyEdenred application or browser version

In general, balances are valid for 2 years from the date of loading. However, your employer can set its own expiry date for balances, so we recommend that you check with your employer.
Open the MyEdenred app or the browser version. Scroll down the front page to see all your benefits and their balances. Under a benefit, click on 'See more' to see any expiring balance (see picture below).

Note! If you have multiple benefits, please check the balances and expiries for each benefit separately. You can see all the benefits that belong to you in the MyEdenred menu and front page.

The card must be valid to use the balance. You can find the card details for each benefit on MyEdenred on the 'Card details' tab.
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