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Where can I see mobile payments and why are some payments not visible?

You can view Edenred Pay mobile payments made by customers in the 'Mobile Payments' tab of the Merchant Portal.

Successful payments are displayed in real time and you can find the time, customer name, amount and any message written by the customer in the Merchant Portal.

Please note:

If the customer has paid with a physical Edenred card or Apple/Google Pay, i.e. payments that have required a payment terminal, then these payments will normally appear in the settlement report of your payment terminal, not in the Merchant Portal. Edenred Pay mobile payments are not made via a payment terminal.

If you have already joined our network and therefore signed a contract with us, but have not yet registered on the Merchant Portal, you can do so here. After confirming your registration, you can start receiving mobile payments.

If the Mobile Payments tab is greyed out, the mobile payment option has been disabled on request. If you would like to re-enable mobile payments, please contact our customer service team to activate it.