How do I purchase the auto-renewing saver subscription ticket by HSL?

An auto-renewing ticket is the cheapest way to buy a 30-day season ticket when you travel by HSL's public transport regularly.

The ticket is purchased for the HSL application, and it is always valid, without you having to separately remember to purchase it. The HSL app and the continuous saver subscription are available from app stores for Android and iPhone phones. By connecting Edenred's Transport card to the application, you can first use the commuting benefit balance offered by your employer. 

The continuous saver subscription is charged to your payment card every 30 days. After the initial 360 days, you can cancel your subscription at any time without a cancellation fee.

When the balance has been used and the next month's automatic debit from the card is no longer possible, you will receive a notification of this in the application and in an email for the first time 2 days before the next debit. In this case, you can change the payment method of the application to another payment card, so that the order for the savings ticket continues and you avoid the termination fee. 

Please also note that you cannot pay partly with the Edenred Transport card and partly with another payment card – the whole payment has to be done by one payment method.

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