I can't add my personal credit/debit card to my MyEdenred account for Wolt payments. What should I do?

If you have problems adding the CVC code of your Edenred card, create a new MyEdenred username.

If you are unable to add the CVC code of your Edenred card for Wolt payments, check if your MyEdenred account username has special characters, Scandinavian letters or blank / space in it. If so, you should create a new username without any special characters or Scandinavian letters.

If you face other problems while adding this payment method, see instructions here.

This is how to create new credentials:

1. Log out of MyEdenred. 

2. Click 'Activate card'.

3. Enter the 10-digit activation serial number of your Edenred card and your social security number.

  • The activation serial number of your virtual card can be found in the email you received from Edenred.
    The physical card's activation serial number is in the back of your card next to the CVC code. 

4. Create a new username without special characters (such as / ° * & × é ð Ω), scandinavian letters (such as ä ö å) or blank/space. Instead, the most common special characters ( - – .+_@ ) are allowed.

  • Your employee benefits are linked by your employer to your card and personal information, so the benefits are automatically transferred to your new account, even if you activate new credentials.
  • Usually the benefits are transferred to the account very quickly after reactivation, but the longest delay can be one day.

5. When you see your benefits again in MyEdenred under the new credentials, you can use the employee benefits linked to your card and connect Edenred as a payment method to Wolt as well.

You can find more detailed instructions for activating the card here.

Did you try to add the right card, i.e. your personal debit or credit card?

  • Make sure that you are not adding an Edenred card or an Amex credit card to 'Personal Credit/Debit Card'.
  • If you added an Edenred card or Amex credit card by mistake, you can remove the incorrect card in MyEdenred under 'Personal Credit/Debit Card' and add your valid bank or credit card instead.
  • If you still are not able to add the card, contact Edenred's customer service.