Can't transfer balance with MyChoice, why?

Check these steps if you are unable to transfer the balance between your benefits:

  • Has your employer activated the feature for you?
  • Do you have at least two of the following benefits: massage, sports and culture, commuting and dental benefit? Please note that you can't do balance transfers from/to the lunch benefit.
  • Have you activated the payment cards for the benefits you use on MyEdenred? (physical/virtual Edenred card, physical/virtual Edenred Transport card, virtual Edenred Massage card, virtual Edenred Dental card)
  • Have you already exceeded the maximum tax-free limits set by the Tax Administration?
  • If you have received in the current year 400€ of Virike benefit from your employer, 3,400€  of the Transport benefit, 360€ of the Massage benefit or 3000€ of the Dental benefit you cannot transfer more money to that account.
  • Does the account you are transferring from have enough balance?
  • Have you already transferred your balance 5 times in 30 days?

If none of the above answers your question, please contact your employer.