How do I accept Edenred payment methods and how do they work at the checkout?

This is how you accept card and mobile payments, as well as Lunch and Virike vouchers.

Card payments

Edenred card payments are just as easy to accept as other card payments. The Edenred card is a Mastercard-based card that works with all Mastercard-enabled payment terminals. It can also be used for contactless payments (with a contactless limit of €50) and does not require a signature. If the contactless limit is exceeded, the payment is made via a chip by inserting the card into the terminal. No PIN code is required for the payment.

Lunch and Virike vouchers

Lunch and Virike voucher payments is accepted as cash, but no money is given back. Any excess of the value of the voucher will be paid off by another payment method.

The back of the voucher has a space for the signature of the holder, as some employers may monitor the use of vouchers by their employees. The user's name or signature is not mandatory, but you have the right to verify the identity of the user if you suspect misuse of the banknote.

Mobile payments

Mobile payment is made using Edenred's own payment method, Edenred Pay. You don't need a payment terminal to receive your payment, it's done on MyEdenred-application, either in the mobile app or in the browser version.

The customer searches from MyEdenred for the location to which the payment is to be made, enters the amount to be paid and verifies the payment at the checkout by showing a receipt. If the benefit does not cover the entire service, the excess amount is paid in the normal way by another payment method. You can check your mobile payments on the Merchant Portal. If necessary, you can cancel the payment in the portal within 24 hours of making the payment.

If you do not know how to enter a mobile payment into your POS system or have other problems with your payment terminal system, please contact your POS provider.

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