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I have lost my Edenred card, what do I do?

If your card is lost or stolen, you can block its usage on MyEdenred yourself.

Log in to MyEdenred and on the front page go to your benefit and click 'See more' -> 'Card details' -> 'Block card' (see picture below). If you find your card, you can allow its usage again from the same button.

If you don't believe to find your card anymore, contact your employer after blocking your card. They will permanently block your card and order you a new one.


If for some reason you can't access your MyEdenred account, contact your employer. You can also contact our customer service and we will close your card for you. However, ordering a new card is always done by your employer.

You can call us on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm on +358 9 7594 2848 (lnf/mcf).

Please note that when your employer orders a new card to replace the lost one, the old card is automatically canceled. So you cannot use your old card even if it is found, neither can you use your employee benefits or other features before you've received your new card and activated it.