How do I accept the Wellbeing benefit payments?

To receive Edenred Wellbeing payments, you must be part of Edenred's partner network. The benefit works with Apple or Google Pay mobile payment methods. To accept these payment methods, you need a payment terminal with contactless payment feature.

The customer adds their Edenred Wellbeing virtual card to Apple Pay or Google Wallet and pays for the service with their smart device (such as phone or watch). Physical Edenred card cannot be used for payment. It is easy for the service provider to accept the payment, as it works like any other contactless card payment. For amounts exceeding the contactless payment limit (€50), the customer's smart device may request additional identification.

Please note that you also need to be part of to the Edenred Wellbeing partner network in order to accept Edenred Wellbeing payments. You can join our network here.

If the customer does not have enough benefit balance on their Edenred Wellbeing account, they can pay the exceeding amount with another payment method.

Settlements for Edenred card payments are automated, and the settlement does not require any actions from you. You will receive a settlement to your bank account within 24-48 hours, just like when paying with any debit card. Service fees for card payments are billed from you on a separate invoice once a month.