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How do Edenred's voucher settlements work?

The merchant should send the Lunch and/or Virike Vouchers together with the statement form to the delivery address given by Edenred.

Edenred pays the settlements within five bank days of the settlement arrival. The commission has been automatically deducted from the amount to be paid. Vouchers that have been delivered on a weekday by 2:00 p.m. are counted as having arrived on that day.

We deliver new billing forms regularly without a separate order, but you can also order more of them by using the contact form (select the product 'Lunch/Virike voucher', the subject 'Settlement', and the option 'Settlement forms').

Please note! We are unable to make a settlement without a settlement form. A handwritten message or email with relevant information is not enough to complete the settlement.

You can put Lunch or Virike Vouchers of different values ​​in the same settlement. But please note that Lunch and Virike vouchers must be settled separately and with their own settlement forms. Also! Don't forget to check the annual settlement schedules for the expiring Lunch and Virike vouchers.

Voucher handling and settlement instructions

For sending vouchers settlements we recommend the Pick-up service, which collects your settlements directly from your office. Settlements sent through the Pick-up service are 100% insured. The Pick-up service is therefore the safest, easiest, and most affordable way to send Lunch or Virike vouchers!