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Why my Edenred card is not working?

Check at least these if your card payments do not work:

If your Edenred card payments are not working, please check the following:

  • Does your card have a balance?
  • Is your card valid?
    • Check MyEdenred or the front of the physical card
  • Have you activated your card?
  • Are you making a payment from the right benefit?
    • For example, the Virike (sport and culture) benefit cannot be used to pay for massage services.
  • Do your lunch payments follow the tax limits?
    • Every year, the tax administration sets the tax limits for the lunch benefit. In 2024, the maximum amount you can pay with your lunch allowance is 13.50€ (if your purchase exceeds this amount, you can pay the rest with another payment method). The minimum limit is 8.50€, so you must have at least this amount on your card to be able to pay (note that if you make a purchase of 1€, your card will always be charged the minimum amount for tax reasons).

      Other benefits have no payment limits.
  • Is your service provider part of the Edenred network?
    • You can't pay with your benefits at locations that are not part of Edenred's network and does not accept Edenred's payment methods. However, you can leave us a tip and we will contact them as soon as possible and invite them to join our network.
  • Are you still employed by the company providing the benefit?
    • At the end of the employment relationship, the employer decides how long employees have time to use their benefits. Also, for example, parental/educational leave is at the discretion of the employer to decide whether the employee can use the benefits.