I am a physiotherapist, what do I need to consider regarding the wellbeing benefit?

The FinnishTax Administration defines physiotherapy as part of the wellbeing benefit because it is considered health care. Therefore, for example, physiotherapy, chiropractic, and osteopathy fall under the Edenred Wellbeing benefit.

According to the definition of the Finnish Tax Administration, the purpose of massage is to refresh and relax, while physiotherapy is healthcare. Therefore, physiotherapy is not included in the massage benefit.

If you offer massage and physiotherapy:

You need to create separate agreements to accept Edenred Massage and Edenred Wellbeing payments, as these are tax-wise two different employee benefits. Create Merchant Portal credentials for your physiotherapy services within the wellbeing benefit and for your massage services within the massage benefit.

If you are already part of the Edenred Massage partner network but not yet part of the wellbeing benefit network and you offer physiotherapy, naprapathy, or osteopathy, create Merchant Portal credentials for these services. These services require their own agreement and their own Merchant Portal credentials, which you need to create in order to be able to accept Edenred Wellbeing payments.

The contract cannot be made with already existing username and the username does not have to be an email address.

You offer only physiotherapy, chiropractic or naprapathy:

If you only offer physiotherapy, naprapathy, or osteopathy and want to receive Edenred payments, you need to create an agreement with us by registering on our Merchant Portal. This way, your customers can pay for the aforementioned services with the Edenred Wellbeing benefit.

If you are currently part of the Edenred Massage network, but your services do not include massage, you can cancel your partnership with the massage network using our contact form on our website.

Other things to consider:

  • Apple Pay and Google Pay are the payment methods for Edenred Wellbeing benefit, so there is no physical card. To accept the payment, you need a payment terminal with contactless payment feature and you need to be part of the Edenred Wellbeing network. Read more about wellbeing benefit's payment methods and how to accept them here.
  • You can find an up-to-date price list of commission fees here.
  • Edenred Wellbeing covers a wide range of healthcare services: physiotherapy, chiropractic, naprapathy, osteopathy, dental services, specialist medical services, eye care services, psychotherapy, ergonomics expert and many more.