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Multiple ways to use benefit

Edenred offers card, mobile and voucher options for providing sport and culture benefit for employees.
Employees can decide themselves what kind of sport or cultural activities they choose to do.

Large network

Our network covers over 9000 sport and cultural places in Finland. You can also buy tickets to events.

Why sport and culture benefit?

Edenred Virike contributes positively in personnel’s general state of health.This means less sick days. For example, employees exercising 2-3 times a week have 4,5 days less sick days in a year than people who exercise one time per week. Investing in personnel’s  sport activities is beneficial for employees’ well-being, which in turn has a positive impact on company’s level of performance.

Offering employee benefits signals personnel that they are important and their work well-being matters to the company. Good working atmosphere and well-being at work is valued more and more in addition to the monetary compensation. Therefore, employee benefits are one of the concrete ways to improve employer image and to increase employee’s commitment to the company.

Company can offer sport and culture benefit with vouchers, cards or mobile payment solutions. Tax-exempt sport and culture benefit is €400 a year; the employer can deduct the amount in taxation and the benefit is tax free for employees. There are no purchase limits in sport and culture benefits. More information about taxation.

credit_card Card + mobile payment for sport and culture benefit

  • Employees can pay their sport and cultural services with card, MyEdenred application, Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • As an employer you order cards and loads to them online.
  • Place a card contract easily online, we’ll send you the credentials into our online tool.

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note Virikeseteli® voucher for sport and culture benefit

  • You can choose the value of the vouchers from two alternatives; 10 € or 5 €.
  • Order vouchers easily online – we’ll deliver them to your office.

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Search places

Search your closest sport and cultural places.

Edenred’s Employer portal

Want to order sport and culture vouchers? You can order them through our Employer Portal.

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