Easy commuting 
with HSL-application
in the Helsinki
metro­politan area

Easy commuting 
with HSL-application
in the Helsinki
metro­politan area


1. Download HSL-application

To your Android phone or iPhone


2. Add your Edenred card as a payment method

Enter requested card information


3. Ready!

Your Edenred commuting benefit card
is ready to be used in HSL-application

Purchasing HSL-mobile tickets is quick – easy commuting


HSL-application is a payment card in a digital form and your phone functions as a ticket. HSL-application enables you to attach Edenred commuting benefit card, Edenred Työmatka (former Ticket Transport®) to mobile device in a digital form. HSL-application works in the Helsinki metropolitan area and you can purchase single tickets, day tickets (1-7 days) and 30-day tickets with it. Mobile tickets cost the same as HSL-card tickets.


Instructions on how to add Edenred card HSL-application:

  1. Download HSL-application to your phone from your own application store – Google Play or App Store
  2. Open application
  3. Go to ”More” selection and click ”Settings”
  4. Choose “Payment cards” and add your Edenred Työmatka card to HSL-application
  5. Your commuting benefit card is now ready to be used in HSL-appplication!


Please note that you can have multiple cards in HSL-application. When purchasing a ticket, you can choose from the list the payment card you want to use.

Frequently asked questions

Which Edenred cards can be added and used with HSL-application?

You can add Edenred’s commuting benefit card Edenred Työmatka (former Ticket Transport®) to HSL-application.

Which devices can I use HSL-application and does it cost something?

HSL is a free application for Android phones and iPhones. Edenred does not charge you for using HSL-application.

The HSL-application supports iOS 9.0 or later and Android 5.0 or later. If you can update your phone to one of these operating systems, you are able to install the HSL-application on your phone. You can check the operating system of your phone on the manufacturer’s website. The new HSL-application is not available for Windows phones. Read more here.

How do I activate auto-renewing saver subscription?

Auto-renewing saver subscription is the most economic way to purchase a 30 days ticket, when you travel regularly and want to have a ticket that is valid uninterruptedly. The ticket is activated on the HSL app and it’s valid year-round. The updated version of HSL app is available on Google Play store and App Store.

The ticket is charged to your payment card every 30 days. By adding your Edenred commuting benefit card to the HSL app you can first use your commuting benefit balance and save even more! After the balance has been used and the next payment fails, an error message will appear in the app and you will receive an email asking you to check your payment card details. You can change the payment card in the app. The app will notify you before your next payment is due. Change your payment card and you will avoid the cancellation fee and termination of the subscription. After the first year (12 payments), you can cancel your subscription for free at any time.

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Where can I use HSL mobile tickets?

Mobile ticket are suitable in all HSL region transport vehicles – buses, metro, commuter train, trams and Suomenlinna ferryboat along with U-line buses.

HSL region consist of nine municipalities. These are: Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kerava, Kirkkonummi, Sipoo, Siuntio and Tuusula.

Can I pay the mobile ticket with different payment cards if Edenred’s commuting benefit card doesn’t have enough balance?

Unfortunately you can’t make split payments with the HSL-application and divide payment between different cards. When paying with your Edenred commuting benefit card (former Ticket Transport®), your balance needs to cover the whole amount of the ticket.


Download HSL to your phone


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