Edenred Virike

Use your sport and culture benefit in versatile ways

Edenred Virike

Use your sport and culture benefit in versatile ways

What is Edenred Virike?

By offering Edenred Virike your employer wants to encourage you to exercise and enjoy culture in your free time. Sport benefit is the most popular personnel benefit in Finland and no wonder: by exercising frequently you have more energy in everyday life and your readiness to handle stress increases.

You don’t have to be a sports enthusiast to enjoy Edenred Virike, we’ll help you to find the joy of exercising and relax in culture events. What’s more, when your employer offers Edenred Virike, you don’t pay any taxes. It’s like a salary increase designated for your health!

Where can I use Edenred Virike?

Get started by activating your card in MyEdenred. Edenred’s sport and culture network consists of over 9 000 places around Finland. You can pay for example golf, bowling, a shooting club, downhill skiing and equipment rental, carting, and buy event tickets for a concert, opera, or a museum card, to name a few. How do you recover during your leisure?

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How to pay with Edenred Virike?

In addition to Virikeseteli vouchers you can pay three different ways:

  1. Edenred card is like a credit card, but you don’t need PIN code
  2. Pay with MyEdenred application: search a place from a map or by it’s name
  3. Pay with your phone’s NFC by adding your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay

Kindly note, that no change is given back from the Virikeseteli vouchers.

errorIf your card gets lost, you can block it in MyEdenred and your balance will remain intact.
Please contact the person responsible from employee benefits in your company, who will order a new card for you.
Alternatively you can reach our customer service from Mon-Fri 9 am until 4pm, phone 09-7594 2848 (Inf/nfc) in order to block your card.

Find places to use your Edenred Virike

Our cards, vouchers and mobile payments are accepted over 9 000 recreational places in Finland.

Buy tickets to your favourite concerts with Edenred Virike

Read the instructions, how to reserve and buy tickets.

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Can I use Edenred Virike for massage?

Edenred Virike can not be used to pay for massage. According to Tax Authority’s policy regarding voluntary sport activity, the benefit is meant for supporting the employees’ own sport activities. Massage, physiotherapy, meditation exercises or mindfulness are not counted as sport activities, so they are not covered. However, our network has some physiotherapy and massage places, because they have other services – for example Personal Training – which can be bought with Edenred Virike.

Why can’t I see my balance in MyEdenred?

Your employer decides, on which day the balance will be loaded to your MyEdenred account. For more information, please contact the person in your company responsible for employee benefits.

How long is my balance valid and where can I see the expiring balance?

Your Edenred Virike is valid for two years from the point of top-up even if your card is renewed in between, unless otherwise agreed. You can see the balance expiring within the next 45 days from MyEdenred, by choosing from the front page “Payment details” > “Expiries”.


Did you find a place that does not accept your payment instrument from Edenred but where you would like to use your lunch or recreational benefit? Please contact us and tell us about it!