Get €20 discount on Whim Urban 30
with Edenred commuting benefit!

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1. Download Whim-app

to your Android phone or iPhone.
Add your phone number to the application and authenticate with HSL.


2. Add activated Edenred Työmatkaetu card

(former Ticket Transport) Enter the required card details.


3. Ready!

Edenred commuting benefit card is ready to be used in Whim.

Edenred työmatkaetu Ticket Transport Whim

Travel smarter with Whim

Whim app is a Finnish Mobility as a Service solution, bringing all your means of travel to one easy place. After Edenred commuting card (former Ticket Transport®) has been added to the application, you can pay public transportation tickets with your phone. Whim is available in HSL area and you can buy single tickets (Whim to Go) as well as HSL 30-days tickets with Whim Urban 30 subscription.

How to add your commuting benefit card to Whim app:

  1. Download Whim from your app store
  2. Open Whim and create your profile
  3. Click ”Profile” and choose “Profile and payments”
  4. Click “Payment cards” and add Edenred’s commuting benefit card (former Ticket Transport)
  5. Your commuting benefit card is ready to be used in Whim application!
  6. Choose a Whim plan – either “Whim to Go” or “Whim Urban 30”


Kindly note, that you can add multiple payment cards to Whim. When choosing a plan, you can select a desired payment card from the list.

Frequently asked questions

Which Edenred cards can I add to Whim app?

You can add Edenred commuting benefit card (former Ticket Transport®) to Whim, after you have activated your card in MyEdenred.

In which devices can I use Whim and does it cost something?

Whim is available free of charge for Android and iPhone smartphones.
The app runs in iOS 10.2 or newer ohjelmistoversioilla (iPhone 5 or newer). Android-version runs in 5.0(Lollipop) newer versions.

For the best user experience, turn the following settings on: Wifi, mobile data, location, notifications and automatic clock and time zone update.

Whim Urban 30 pricing with Edenred card:
  • HSL AB or BC ticket, 59,70€/30 days
  • HSL ABC ticket, 107,50€/30 days
  • HSL CD ticket, 98€/30 days
  • HSL BCD ticket, 115,80€/30 days
  • HSL ABCD ticket, 156,40€/30 days
Where can I use Whim mobile tickets?

Whim tickets are valid on the same public transport services as your familiar HSL tickets: buses, metro, ferry, and commuter trains in the HSL area. Furthermore, you can ride city bikes in Helsinki and Espoo for free for 30 minutes. Taxis or car hire is not covered by commuting benefit.

HSL-area includes nine municipalities. These are: Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kerava, Kirkkonummi, Sipoo, Siuntio and Tuusula.

Can I split my subscription between two different cards, if my Edenred card doesn’t have enough balance?

Unfortunately a split payment between two payment cards is not possible. Edenred Työmatka (former Ticket Transport®) -card needs to have enough balance for the entire payment.

After paying your subscriptions with Edenred it will continue until further notice. Your subscription will be debited monthly from the payment card you have added to Whim according to the current prices, unless you cancel your subscription before the renewal date.




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