Secure payments with the MyEdenred app

Secure payments with the MyEdenred app

In addition to the browser version of the service, the MyEdenred mobile app is your gateway to the rich world of employee benefits. The app allows you to view your account balance and transactions, search for service providers and pay with Edenred's own Edenred Pay mobile payment. Best of all, the app goes with you wherever you go!

Easy and secure access to benefits with the MyEdenred app

MyEdenred contains your personal data, your payment card details and allows you to make payments. It's important to us that your experience is as smooth and secure as possible, so we want to make sure that your data is safe even if your device falls into the wrong hands.

When you activate the 'Remember me' feature when you sign in to the app, the app will keep you signed in for a total of 90 days for each sign-in, after which the app will automatically sign you out. We have made this change to ensure the security and safe storage of your sensitive data and to prevent long-term misuse of the app. So if you have activated the 'Remember me' option and use the app at least once a month, your device will automatically remember your information.

Forgot your MyEdenred password? Don't worry!

We also know that in today's endless jungle of usernames, some information may slip our minds. If you forget your username or password, there is a 'Forgot your password or ID?' link on the MyEdenred homepage. This will send you a password change link and your username directly to the email you have added to the service. If the link takes a while to arrive, please remember to check your spam folder.

In case of problems, you can also log out to reactivate your card completely. In this case, create a new username and password to log back into your account and access your benefits. All your benefits and balances will also be transferred to your new account, as your benefits are linked to your social security number on behalf of your employer.

Do you already have the app on your mobile device?

If you have already created an account to MyEdenred, all you need to do is download the app from the app store on your mobile device and log in.

If you have received a virtual or physical Edenred card but have not yet activated it or created an account, don't worry, it is easy! Download the app, activate the card as instructed and register. All your benefits are now available to you.

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