Succeed in Best Lunch competition with these tips

Succeed in Best Lunch competition with these tips

The annual "Finland's Best Lunch" campaign by Edenred, which attracts widespread interest, is a great opportunity for restaurants to shine in the spotlight. The campaign, attracting tens of thousands of votes and numerous media features, brings fame and glory to its successful contenders. This consumer-vote-based competition also reflects consumers’ appreciation for nourishing, restorative lunches.

The benefits of success

Success in the competition brings numerous advantages to a restaurant. Guaranteed extra visibility comes as various media outlets, from major newspapers to local news, write about the successful restaurants in their own channels. The competition is prominently featured across multiple media platforms, reaching consumers throughout Finland. With the visibility gained from the contest, the successful restaurants enjoy increased customer numbers and heightened interest.

This visibility significantly boosts the restaurant's foot traffic and revenue. It also opens up many new opportunities, such as creating new concepts or expanding the business into events, catering services, or even opening a new restaurant.

Past winners have also shared how the reputation of the best lunch restaurant spreads across the country, with people from other towns coming in busloads to try the best lunch in Finland.

Tips from past years

Edenred organizes the popular "Finland's Best Lunch" competition annually in autumn. Having been held since 2019, we have noticed various best practices that restaurateurs have used to improve their chances of success in the competition. Everything starts with the restaurant's own loyal customers and encouraging them to vote while they're enjoying their lunch. Below, we have compiled tips on what restaurants should do to succeed in the Best Lunch competition.

Here's how to ensure success in the competition:

  1. Educate the entire staff about the campaign
    It's crucial that the entire staff is united in their efforts. When all employees are informed about the competition and guide customers to vote, the message reaches everyone's ears, making it easier to get votes.
  2. Create your own advertisement
    Previously successful restaurants have created advertisements about their participation in the form of stands and banners outside the restaurant, as well as printed voting instructions near the entrance or cash register.
  3. Utilize campaign materials equipped with QR codes
    Edenred provides numerous ready-made materials that restaurants can easily use in their customer spaces. We offer restaurants the opportunity to order various physical materials, such as QR code-equipped table menus and A4-sized posters. Ready-made materials are easy to use during the competition's voting time to remind customers to vote for the restaurant.

    Did you know: We send out a campaign material order form via email to our lunch partners well before the voting starts. In addition, material orders can be conveniently placed before the start of the competition in July-August from the campaign website
  4. Maximize visibility in your digital channels
    In addition to informing customers about the campaign in restaurant's premises, communicating through social media channels is key to success, and past winners advocate for active social media communication. The vote should be prominently featured in all channels: in social media with videos and pictures, on websites with web banners, and through newsletters.

    Did you know: We offer numerous ready-made materials for digital communication, from newsletter images to ready-made social media templates. Materials are uploaded to the competition website before the voting begins.
  5. Organize your own raffle for voters
    Own raffles and promotions held by restauranteurs are not a new concept among restaurants aiming for the top spots. Restaurants have given out, for example, little sweet treats, a free dessert, or a discounted lunch price during the campaign to customers who have voted for them in Edenred's competition.


Hey restauranteur, ready for the competition?

Edenred's "Best Lunch" competition is organized again during 2.9.2024-22.9.2024! Now is the moment to refine your competitive strategies, given the well-known intensity of the competition. The campaign, which has collected nearly 80,000 votes in previous years, is a convenient way to raise awareness of your restaurant, increase business, and highlight your lunch offering. We hope to see you participate! <3