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Solution for commuting benefit

Employer can support employees’ work commuting by offering commuter benefit. Card is accepted as a payment instrument at R-kiosks, Matkahuolto and HSL service points along with HSL mobile application and Whim.

Valued benefit

Commuting benefit is a valued employee benefit that improves the employer image.

Commuting benefit card – Edenred Työmatka

Edenred Tyomatka

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Why benefit for commuters?


  • Well-being of employees: using public transportation is easy way to add daily exercise, which improves work well-being. Encouraging employees to commute for example with public transportation, bicycle or by walking strengthens general health and well-being.
  • Cost saving: need for parking spaces reduces, when employees are not using their own cars
  • Environmentally friendly: using public transportation reduces carbon footprint and environmental stress.
  • Company image: the image of the company as a social responsible actor strengthens.
  • Inexpensive benefit: company can deduct the acquisition costs of the benefit in income taxation. Commuter benefit can be offered just for some of employees. Read more about taxation of commuter benefit.

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Matkahuolto, HSL, Whim

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