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Contract confirmation

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Receive and manage settlements

Card and mobile payments are automatically credited to your account. Vouchers can be settled with our Pick-up Service.

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We offer you a variety of payment methods that are easy to receive and manage. Check out Edenred’s payment methods here ›

You’ll also have access to the Merchant portal, where you can view the mobile payments, edit your business information, and download reports for accounting purposes.

Check out the employee benefits for your industry below and register! If you want to accept multiple benefits, create a separate merchant contract for each benefit.

Lunch benefit


Accept Finland’s most popular employee benefit and join a network of more than 17,000 lunch merchants! An Edenred Lounari merchant can be for example a café, a restaurant, a kiosk or a grocery store.

You can receive Edenred’s payment solutions around the clock, regardless of the time or the day of the week. Lunch benefit can also be used to pay for food delivery fees.

Monthly fee per location: 2,5 € – 5 € + VAT depending on the number of locations

Service fee: 3,04 % + VAT per Edenred payment

Payment methods: Edenred card, Edenred Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Lunch voucher
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Check out the price list for lunch merchants ›

Sport and culture benefit

The Edenred Virike partnership is risk-free. Edenred’s Virike network covers more than 10,000 sports and cultural venues across Finland. A company that offers sport or cultural activities is suitable to register as a Virike merchant.

The sports benefit covers e.g. various sports, guided exercise classes (also remotely) and equipment rental. Cultural benefits include various cultural activities e.g. ticket and participation fees for arts classes, concerts, painting courses, and cinemas. You can also pay for fairs that focus on sports or arts, e.g. book fairs, as well as real-time virtual events.

Service fee: 3,96 % + VAT per Edenred payment. If you do not receive Edenred payments, you will not pay anything for the partnership.

Payment methods: Edenred card, Edenred Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Virike voucher®
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Check out the price list for Virike merchants ›

Massage benefit

The Edenred Massage Partnership is risk-free and already covers thousands of service providers. A company that offers massage services like traditional massage, sports massage or physiotherapy services can become a massage partner.

Please note that spa services (e.g. hot stone massage) are not covered by the massage benefit.

Service fee: 3,96 % + VAT per Edenred payment. If you do not receive Edenred payments, you will not pay anything for the partnership.

Payment methods: Edenred Pay
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Check out the price list for Massage merchants ›

Transport benefit


Edenred Transport partnership is risk-free for the service provider. The transport benefit is intended for the payment of public transport tickets for various means of transport.

The benefit can be used for example to pay for city bikes, travel cards on local public transportation. Taxi services and electric kickboards cannot be paid with the commute benefit.

Service fee: 2,50 % + VAT per Edenred payment. If you do not receive Edenred payments, you will not pay anything for the partnership.

Payment methods: Edenred Transport card
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Check out the price list for Transport merchants ›

Receiving payments is easy and quick


Payments are being credited to your account quick and easy. The service fees for mobile and voucher payments are deducted directly from the settlements.

Card payment service fees and any monthly fees are billed once a month. Check out the settlement methods here ›

Edenred’s payment solutions


Edenred card and Edenred Transport card

All Edenred cards are Mastercard-based. This means that all payment terminals that support Mastercard can receive Edenred card payments (including iZettle and SumUp). Edenred’s physical cards work contactlessly for up to 50 euros.

If you receive Mastercard payments and have an online payment agreement with Edenred, you can also add the Edenred online payment as the payment method.

In line with our corporate sustainability, all physical Edenred payment cards are made of an ecological PLA material instead of plastic, which utilizes inedible parts of corn.


Edenred Pay

Edenred Pay is Edenred’s own mobile payment method. Edenred’s mobile payments are done via the MyEdenred mobile application or browser version. To accept Edenred Pay, you don’t need to have a payment terminal.

When using Edenred Pay, the customer selects the location either by searching by name or location, enters the desired amount, and confirms the payment transaction. The customer receives a receipt for their payment directly to MyEdenred.


Apple Pay and Google Pay

Apple Pay and Google Pay are applications running on iOS and Android operating systems to which users of Edenred’s benefits can add their own Edenred card. Through the application, the phone or other smart device works like a contactless payment card. The device is taken near a payment terminal that supports contactless payment and payment is done by holding the device near the payment terminal. Apple Pay and Google Pay payments are like card payments and thus are settled to Edenred’s merchants once every month.


Lunch and Virike vouchers

Lunch and Virike vouchers are payment vouchers that can be used to pay for lunch, sports, or cultural services. Voucher values change annually and no change is given from voucher payments.


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Merchant search

All our merchants can be found in the Merchant search widely used by our benefit users. It allows Edenred’s benefits users to find all the merchants in our network.

The search can be filtered by e.g. location, service, and accepted payment methods, so keep your information up to date.


Send offers to benefit users

You can send offers to Edenred’s benefit users. We will market them on our website on the offer pages, as well as in newsletters and on our social media channels.


Show your customer you accept Edenred

Download our logo from the image bank to your website and social media channels! This way you can tell your customers that you accept Edenred’s payment methods.

Follow @edenredfinland on Instagram and Facebook. Remember to tag us!

We have created Edenred GIFs for everyone to use. you can find the GIF animations with the keyword #edenredfinland.


Reference stories and blog posts

We value our partnership with each merchant, and are happy to write reference stories in cooperation with you!

Easy payment settlements


Card payments

Card payment settlements are automated – the billing does not require anything from you. As with any debit card, you will receive a payment to your bank account from your card payment within 24-48 hours. Card payment settlements are done by the intermediary.


Mobile payments

Mobile payment settlements are automated – the billing does not require anything from you. Payments will be made to your bank account according to the schedule below:

  • Payments received between the days 1. -14. are settled on the 16th of each month
  • Payments received between the days 15. -31. are settled on the 2nd of each month


Lunch and Virike voucher settlements

As a merchant, you will send the vouchers to the specified delivery address for settlements. You can send vouchers yourself or choose Edenred’s Pick-up Service * for this.

We will pay the settlements within five bank days after receiving the settlement *.

* The Pick-up Service saves you time and money!

The Pick-up Service offers you a secure and easy way to settle your vouchers. In addition, it is the cheapest way to handle the vouchers. The 100 % insured service will collect your vouchers directly from your chosen location.

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