Pick-up service
for vouchers

Pick-up service
for vouchers

The Pick-up Service makes your daily operations easier


We offer our Lounari and Virike partners a Pick-up Service that facilitates everyday life and guarantees secure Lunch and Virike voucher settlements.

  • Vouchers sent through pick-up service are 100 % insured
  • The voucher pick-up (operating partner Matkahuolto) service collects the lunch or recreational vouchers directly from you from location and time best suited to you
  • Save money and time – packing materials needed are delivered free of charge
  • The amount to be reimbursed will be paid directly to your account within 5 banking days of receiving the vouchers
  • The service fee is 24,90 € (+ VAT 24 %)/settlement. The service fee will be conveniently deducted from reimbursement



Need more packing material?

If you are ordering the Pick-up Service for the first time or need more packing envelopes, please indicate the need for the packing material on the Pick-up Service order form.

In the ‘Additional order for pouch and pick-up information’ field, enter: ‘Order packing materials’. The driver will bring you Matkahuolto’s packaging envelopes at the next pick-up. 

Do you need billing forms or billing form pockets?


We deliver them to our partners on a regular basis without a separate order, but you can also place an order using the merchant contact form. Select ‘Lounasseteli voucher’ or ‘Virikeseteli voucher’ as the product, ‘Order and delivery’ as the subject of the message and ‘Settlement forms’ as the option. Fill out the form carefully and click ‘Submit’. You will receive billing forms approximately 5 business days after ordering.


This is how to order pick-up service

  1. Fill in the form carefully
    • You will receive an e-mail informing you that the order has been received and the confirmation for pick-up details
  2. Place the settlement form into the referred plastic pocket
  3. Pack the vouchers in Matkahuolto’s packaging envelope and glue the settlement form pocket to the outside of the envelope
    • Note! Only one settlement form per envelope. We can only fully insure the billing you specified in your order
    • One envelope can hold about 1,200 vouchers
    • Do not tape, staple or roll voouchers. It slows down the manual processing of vouchers
  4. Make sure that you are available for handing over the settlements at the time of pick-up
    • It is not possible to arrange a pick-up for a specific time within the selected time interval
  5. Also, make sure you get a delivery receipt from the driver at the time of the pick-up. The delivery receipt must be signed by both the driver and the merchant.
    • You can follow the shipment with your shipping ID on Matkahuolto’s website


    Note! The pick-up service requires the use of packaging materials provided by Edenred and packaging in accordance with the settlement instructions. If the payment has not been made in accordance with the instructions given, the driver is not obliged to receive the consignment.


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