Pick-up service
for vouchers

Pick-up service
for vouchers

We have many services for our restaurant, sport and culture partners that eases everyday functions. One of these is voucher pick-up service.

Why pick-up service

  • Voucher pick-up (operating partner Matkahuolto) fetches lunch and recreational vouchers straight from your outlet at the time you choose!
  • Save money and time – packing materials needed are delivered free of charge
  • Would you send money through post? Vouchers sent through pick-up service are 100 % insured
  • The service fee is 24,90 € (+ VAT 24 %)/settlement. The service fee will be conveniently deducted from reimbursement


Order pick-up service

This is how Pick-up works

Place the settlement form in to the referred plastic pocket and pack the vouchers carefully in to Pick-up envelope, you are able to fit about 1 200 vouchers into one envelope. Note! Put only one settlement form per envelope*.

Order a pick-up via separate order form and fill in all the required information. After placing the order you will receive a confirmation message in to your e-mail.

Make sure that you are available for handing over the settlement at the time of pick-up. Also make sure that you get a receipt from the driver when dispatching the pouch. The receipt should be signed by the driver and you. You can follow your pouch through our Service provider web page with received code. *We can only full insure the reimbursement that the order is made for.


Need more packing material?

When placing the order via order form you can inform that you need more Pick-up envelopes, the driver will deliver the envelopes during the next pick-up. Plastic settlement pouches are delivered separately with settlement forms.

PLEASE NOTICE! Using this service requires the use of Edenred´s Pick Up -package material and given instructions. The pick-up driver is not required to accept the delivery, if it is not packed according to the instructions.


Read terms of use for pick-up