This is how you use your recreational benefit during exceptional times!

Did you know that there are thousands of different ways to utilize your recreational benefit? We gathered the best tips and ideas for you so your benefit won’t go to waste – despite the exceptional circumstances.​

Countless ways to use the recreational benefit

Online training​

Get ready for the summer safely from home! Work out remotely with your PT or participate for example in a yoga or dance class, or a HIIT workout. You can also use your recreational benefit for example for an online running school or a golf course.

Outdoor sports

Sunny spring weather allows us to be active also outdoors. With your recreational benefit, you can get a golf membership, tennis lessons, or enjoy your time with animals for example in agility or horseback riding.

Advance tickets​

​With your benefit, you can purchase tickets in advance for events, concerts, or festivals.

Equipment rental​​

In addition to the season tickets, you can also use your recreational benefit to pay the rent of downhill and cross-country skiing equipment, snowshoes, or a fatbike for example.

With your own group

You can also exercise safely with your own family only, for example by renting a padel field.

Gift cards​

Even if you don’t come up with ideas to use your benefit right now, you still don’t need to put it to waste! You can use it to get a gift card for yourself from Tiketti, and use it later.

Tip! On our merchant search, you can search for places to use your benefit by filtering the results for example by online training!

Edenred can be used in over 9 000 sports and cultural places all over Finland.

Your body and mind deserve refreshment – especially during exceptional times

Although the familiar sports places are closed for the time being, fortunately, there are still different ways to refresh yourself in the rush of everyday life. Check out our tips below and enjoy new ways to freshen up!

6 tips for using recreational benefit:​

  1. Renting equipment​
  2. Remote PT services​
  3. Season and monthly fees for different sports
  4. Personal gift cards
  5. Event tickets for the future events
  6. Online training, -stretching, – muscle care and yoga​

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