84 % of Finns consider employee
benefits important 
for work well-being


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restaurant Lunch benefit

Lunch break outside of the office is refreshing
and restores work efficiency.

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fitness_center Recreational benefit 

Exercising supports
well-being and vitality.

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directions_bus Commuting benefit

Reinforce sustainable commuting – it is beneficial not only
for employer and employees but also for environment.

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15 000

companies using benefit

300 000


21 500

places to use benefit 

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Frequently asked questions

Where and how can one use lunch benefit?

Ticket Lounas® -card, Edenred card (Ticket Duo®), mobile payment and lunch vouchers can be used in restaurants, fast food restaurants and lunch-cafés belonging to Edenred’s acceptance network. Our network consists of over 14 500 places.  Please note that the Finnish Tax Authority defines the annual limits for lunch benefit. In 2019 the minimum for lunch benefit is €6.60 and the maximum €10.50.

Where and into what can one use recreational benefit?

Ticket Virike® (Mind&Body®) -card, Edenred card (Ticket Duo®) and Virike vouchers as well as mobile payment can be used in 7000 sports- and cultural places belonging Edenred’s acceptance network around Finland. Recreational benefit is a tax exempt benefit for sports and cultural activities, which employer can offer to employees.

How to offer employee benefits to our personnel?

First you need to choose which benefits you want to offer. Edenred’s solutions include lunch, sport and cultural and commuting benefits.

After this, you need to decide how you want to offer a benefit – through voucher, cards or mobile payments. Edenred’s dual lunch and recreational benefit card has a mobile payment possibility and a contactless payment automatically. In other words, cardholders can use both card and mobile phone for paying. Companies can also take dual card in use only in one side, lunch or recreational side.

You can easily order benefits through our website and we’ll deliver vouchers to your company and cards straight to your employees.

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Which product is best for our company?

We offer our clients the possibility to choose the product best suited for their needs: a voucher or a card + mobile payment. The familiar lunch voucher and recreational voucher are still very popular today and fit well especially for smaller companies, where managing vouchers is easy. Card solution includes mobile payment and it offers multiple benefits for the user and the company.

Contact our sales team with the form situated at the end of this page, and we’ll find the best solutions together together!

How do I activate my card?

This is how you activate your card:

  1. Download MyEdenred application from your app store or go to www.myedenred.fi
  2. Choose ‘Register and activate your card here’
  3. Enter the serial number on the back of your card
  4. Enter your social security number to validate
  5.  Your card is now activated.





You can now buy HSL mobile tickets with your Ticket Transport® card

Edenred Finland and HSL have started a collaboration, which has enabled the purchase of HSL mobile tickets with Edenred’s commuting benefit.

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Maximum limit for contactless payment increases to 50 euros on 12.4.2019

The contactless card transaction limit will be raised from 25 euros to 50 euros on the 12th of April 2019.

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Lunch benefit values for 2019

Tax authority has confirmed meal benefit values for year 2019.

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Working day calendar 2019

Working day calendar for 2019 is published. 

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