Well-being employees are the heart of your business

Engage, motivate and increase well-being. Order Edenred’s employee benefits for your employees!

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Well-being employees are the heart of your business

Engage, motivate and increase well-being. Order Edenred’s employee benefits for your employees!

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Edenred’s employee benefits are suitable for companies of all sizes

Choose from our wide range of solutions the ones that suit your business best.


Edenred Lounari

Lunch benefit works at thousands of lunch locations, grocery stores, and Wolt.

Finland’s most popular employee benefit
is 25 % tax-free.

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Edenred Virike

Sports and culture benefit offer more than 10 000 opportunities for new experiences.

Virike benefit is tax-free
400 € per year per employee.

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Edenred Massage

Massage benefit prevents sick leave and stress.

The massage benefit tax exemption covers
hundreds of euros a year!

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Edenred Transport

Transport benefit promotes the well-being of the employee and the environment.

The transport benefit is tax-free
3400 € per year per employee

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Edenred’s benefit payment models


Card and Mobile

Payment is made with either a physical Edenred card or mobile payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Edenred Pay.


The benefits are the fastest to enable with a mobile-only solution, and that’s how they always go along. The payment method is Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Edenred Pay.

Lunch and Virike vouchers

Lunch and Virikes vouchers are the most traditional method of paying employee benefits. Distribute the vouchers to your employees and they are ready to use right away.

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Thank, remember, and reward important people in your business

With Delicard® gift cards, you congratulate on achievements, thank you for partnership,s and reward for good work. They are a great way to show your appreciation to the key people in your business.

Order Gift Cards from the online store and let the recipient choose their gift from a high-quality and diverse product selection themselves!

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MyChoice – More flexible use of employee benefits

All employees are different. Whereas others are active or enjoy culture, others need more balance for massage or public transportation.
MyChoice is a free feature that allows employees to enjoy the benefits of Edenred more flexibly. When your company offers Virike, Massage and/or Transport benefits, MyChoice allows you to transfer the balance in real time between the different benefits.

Activation of the feature is completely free and can be done simply by contacting us.
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All information in one place – Edenred’s system integration

The integration between your company’s HR or payroll system and Edenred’s employer portal enables an automatic flow of information. We offer your company a ready-to-use integration!

Providing and managing employee benefits is even easier when all the information you need flows seamlessly between Edenred’s Ticket On-the-Web tool and your company’s HR or payroll system. Thanks to our system integration, tracking the use of benefits is fast and cost-effective.

We also offer solutions tailored to your company’s needs. You do not need to make changes to your own systems in order for the information to automatically flow between your company’s and Edenred’s systems.

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