Chosen as the main partner for the Edenred Finland Corporate Marathon Relay

Chosen as the main partner for the Edenred Finland Corporate Marathon Relay

Chosen as the main partner for the Edenred Finland Corporate Marathon Relay

Edenred Finland, the leading provider of employee benefits in Finland, has entered into a partnership agreement with the Finnish Olympic Committee for the main sponsorship of the Corporate Marathon Relay. As a result of this agreement, Finland's largest team-oriented running event for workplaces will be officially named the Edenred Corporate Marathon Relay.

The Corporate Marathon Relay, organized by the Finnish Olympic Committee, takes place annually at Töölönlahti in Helsinki. The event involves running, jogging, or walking the distance of a marathon in relay teams formed by companies, with each team consisting of 5–10 participants.

In the spring of 2023, over 320 teams, approximately 3,000 runners, and a large number of supporters participated in the event. The proceeds from the event support children's physical activity. Lauri Ijäs, the Customer Relations Manager at the Finnish Olympic Committee, is excited about the opportunities that the new collaboration brings.

The Corporate Marathon Relay has established itself as a popular springtime sports event in many businesses in the Helsinki metropolitan area, bringing colleagues together to compete and support each other. Collaborating with Edenred opens up opportunities to expand the event to an even larger audience," Ijäs states, continuing:

Edenred's Virike and other employee benefits are widely used in workplaces across Finland. It is fantastic to collaborate with a market leader in the industry. The partnership also aligns well with the Olympic Committee's goal of promoting movement and an active lifestyle.

– Supporting children and promoting employee well-being are close to our hearts. At the core of Edenred's sustainability measures is a desire to enhance the well-being of people of all ages. The Corporate Marathon Relay is an excellent opportunity to emphasize the importance of well-being and recovery in the workplace," says Laura Lahtinen, Workplace Expert at Edenred.

– According to the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, regular physical activity significantly promotes mental well-being in the workplace. Regular exercise is known to improve mood and enhance recovery, which can positively impact work efficiency and focus," Lahtinen continues.

For more information:

Corporate Marathon Relay: Customer Relations Manager Lauri Ijäs, tel. 040 754 0229

Edenred Finland: Workplace Expert Laura Lahtinen, tel. 040 509 4757