Delicard® donated €116 033 to AAMU Suomen Lasten Syöpäsäätiö

Delicard® donated €116 033 to AAMU Suomen Lasten Syöpäsäätiö

In October 2022, we donated €116 033 to the AAMU Suomen Lasten Syöpäsäätiö. The amount was raised with Delicard® gift cards; each year the gift card recipient can redeem their gift card to different charities and in 2022, the charity destination was AAMU. AAMU is Finland's only funder focused on paediatric clinical cancer research, and its contribution to paediatric cancer research in Finland is priceless

The donation was received by Laura Paasio (left), AAMU Foundation representative, and handed over by Peter Hiltunen (right), CEO of Edenred Finland.

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AAMU Suomen Lasten Syöpäsäätiö in brief

AAMU Suomen Lasten Syöpäsäätiö is a non-profit national foundation whose main mission is to provide the best care for children with cancer. This mission is carried out by allocating funds to research and development projects in children's cancer treatment. The Foundation funds clinical trials for which the public health system does not have the resources. The AAMU Foundation is the only funder in Finland that focuses exclusively on clinical cancer research in children.

A warm thank you to everyone who donated to the Delicard® gift card service!

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