Dental benefit makes employees smile

Our benefit selection will get a newcomer in January 2023!

Our benefit selection will get a newcomer in January 2023!

Why offer dental benefit?

Tax-free benefit

A cost-efficient way to engage employees, check the annual payment limits

A welcome novelty

Our new and desired employee benefit engages employees and raises employers' brand image

Easy management

All benefits-related matters are easily in one portal

Innovative payments

This virtual benefit works with contactless payment via your phone!

Patient and dentist smiling at the dentist's reception

New and desired benefit

Edenred Dental is a cost-effective way to maintain the overall health of employees and stand out in the employer market.

The dental benefit can be used e.g. for dental examinations, filling holes, removing tartar, or other treatment procedures. With the benefit, you can also buy a personal gift card for the aforementioned services and pay for medically justified orthodontic treatment.

Please note that the benefit cannot be used to pay for aesthetic services.


Here's how it works

Edenred Dental is an innovative and completely virtual benefit that goes where you are on your smartphone. You can easily pay for dental services by adding your card to the payment apps on your smartphone.

Payment methods
Price list

Taxation of the benefit

Dental benefit is a tax-free employee benefit if it is organized by the employer, it is agreed upon in the occupational health regulations or in another similar document, and the care is usual and reasonable.

The benefit should therefore be provided collectively within the annual payment limits

The Tax Administration also instructs that the employer must define the places where the targeted payment instrument (i.e. dental benefit) can be used. Edenred offers an easy solution for this, which allows contracts between companies and service providers to be easily created in the Merchant selection tool.

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Flexible use of benefits

If, in addition to the dental benefit, you order Virike, Massage and/or Transport benefits for your employees, Edenred's MyChoice feature enables the balance to be transferred between them. Employees can therefore use their benefits even more flexibly, however taking into account the maximum limits defined by the Tax Administration.