Dental benefit makes employees smile

A smile says more than a thousand words, also in the employer market!

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A smile says more than a thousand words, also in the employer market!

Why offer dental benefit?

Tax-free benefit

A cost-effective way to engage employees, check the maximum tax-free value

A welcome novelty

Our new and desired employee benefit engages employees and raises employer's image

The longest validity period on the market

The general validity period of the Edenred dental care benefit is up to 2 years

Innovative payments

Payments are easily done with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Mehiläinen was one of the first to take dental care benefit in use

Mehiläinen wants to encourage its employees to take care of regular dental checkups and necessary dental care. See how Edenred's dental benefit encourages maintaining oral health.

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Patient and dentist smiling at the dentist's reception

The desired novelty benefit

Edenred Dental is a cost-effective way to maintain the overall health of employees and stand out in the employer market.

The dental benefit can be used e.g. for dental examinations, filling cavities, removing calculus, or other treatment procedures. With the benefit, you can also buy a personal gift card for the aforementioned services and pay for medically justified orthodontic treatment.

In addition, Kela has determined that direct reimbursement can be applied to treatments paid with the dental benefit when the other conditions for reimbursement are met and the Kela card is presented.

Please note that the benefit cannot be used to pay for aesthetic dental services.


Here's how it works

Edenred Dental is a completely virtual benefit that travels with you on your smart device via Apple Pay or Google Pay. You can easily pay for services by adding your virtual card to the Wallet application on your iOS device.

Payment methods

Taxation of the benefit

Dental care is a tax-free benefit, which according to the Tax Administration must be offered normally and reasonably. The benefit must be offered collectively to the entire staff within the annual payment limits

In addition, the Tax Administration instructs that the employer must define the places where the targeted payment method (i.e. dental care benefit) can be used. This is done through an agreement between the company that orders the benefit and the merchant that offers dental services. Edenred offers a tool for this, which makes it easy to create contracts online.

About taxation

Use of benefits according to user's own choice

If you offer your employees Virike, Transport and/or Massage in addition to Dental, Edenred's MyChoice feature allows transferring the balance between them. In this way, employees can use their benefits even more flexibly, however taking into account the maximum limits defined by the Tax Administration

Activation is completely free of charge and can be done by contacting us.


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