Order voucher pick-up service

Order voucher pick-up service


This is how to order pick-up service

  1. Fill in the form carefully
  2. Place the settlement form into the referred plastic pocket
  3. Pack the vouchers carefully into Matkahuolto pick-up envelope/pouch and place the plastic pocket outside the envelope, into the marked area
    • Note! Only one settlement form per envelope
    • More Matkahuolto pick-up envelopes/pouches can be ordered when a pick-up is ordered
  4. Make sure that you are available for handing over the settlements at the time of pick-up. The pick-up will be between 8-12 or 12-16, and it is not possible to arrange a pick-up for a more specific time, so please select a time when you will be able to be present for the entire pick-up time.



When placing the order for the first time

Write “Order for packing material” to Additional information. Driver will deliver the packing material (Matkahuolto envelopes/pouches) when picking-up the envelope/pouch.


Need more packing material?

Write “Order for packing material” to Additional information.


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