Website visitor information notice

For anyone visiting the website of Edenred Finland Oy

Edenred Finland Oy processes personal data of the Visitors of the Edenred Website for the purposes of administering our Website and fulfilling the requests of you as a Visitor.

Identity of the data controller

Edenred Finland Oy, whose head office is located at Elimäenkatu 15, 00510 Helsinki, Finland, is the data controller of your personal data processed for the purpose(s) defined hereafter.
When you provide personal data on Edenred Finland’s social media pages, the personal data is automatically shared with the relevant provider of the social media platform which processes personal data as a controller for its own purposes.

Purposes of the processing

Your personal data is processed by Edenred Finland Oy within the following framework:

  • fulfilling your requests via web forms: 
    • collecting merchant offers
    • collecting leads
    • collecting benefit orders
    • client-specific forms regarding annual changes
    • customer service forms
    • subscribing to email lists
  • for research and statistical purposes, including the collection of visitor statistics on Edenred Website and improving the quality of our services The collection of visitor statistics on the Edenred Website takes place through statistical cookies
  • administering the Edenred Website and fulfilling the requests of the Visitors
  • managing secure downloading of information brochures, tax guides, etc

    Categories of personal data concerned

Edenred Finland Oy as data controller, informs you that, for the purposes listed above, it collects and processes your personal data related to:

  • Account data, e.g. company name, account name, extranet username, etc.
  • Activity data, e.g. extranet last connexion date, extranet registration date, MyOrder activation date, portal last connexion, etc.
  • Civil status, e.g. contact name, first name, last name, etc.
  • Contact information, e.g. email address, postal address, phone number, etc.
  • Contract details, e.g. contract number, etc.
  • Data collected and provided/used by the mentioned social media platforms such as Facebook account data, LinkedIn account data.
  • Interaction with Edenred, e.g. status of the case, case, task and event subject, etc.
  • Internet browsing data e.g. UTM Tag (Information related to web navigation and clickable object (hyperlink, and banner, etc.)
  • Organizational information, e.g. contact owner, etc.
  • Personal life information, e.g. birthdate (optional category of personal data)
  • Preferences information, e.g. preferred language, opt-out/opt-in preferences, etc.
  • Product information, e.g. type of solution
  • Professional life information, e.g. customer name, department, etc.

Technical ID, e.g. Account ID, record ID in Salesforce CRM tool, card activation number, etc.    

Legal basis of the processing

The following personal data processing activities are legally grounded on Edenred legitimate interest for the purposes listed above. It is in Edenred’s legitimate interest to handle any incoming requests, compile statistics to improve the quality of its services to the Users and manage secure downloads. Other legal bases apply depending on your status as a User, Client, Merchant, or Lead contact person please see the respective privacy notice.

The collection of visitor statistics takes place through statistical cookies, and the placement of cookies on the Visitor’s device is based on consent as required by applicable legislation. More information on the use of cookies available in the cookie setting can be found in the cookie banner.

For tracking via cookies, we rely on your consent. For more information, see the cookie banner in the footer of this page (“Cookie Settings”).

Recipients of the personal data

Your personal data will be accessible to the authorized employees of Edenred Finland Oy including:

  • Marketing team members
  • Support teams of the different platforms and processors
  • Sales representatives: Edenred’s employee in relation with Lead’s focal point, Client’s focal point, and Merchant’s focal point
  • Customer service workers: employees and subcontractors providing customer service.
  • Local admin: Edenred technical and business local administrators
  • Business manager: Edenred Finland Oy:s legal representative

Each of them has dedicated access rights according to the scope of their need to know.

Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties except, as necessary, to the following categories of recipients, expressly authorized by Edenred Finland Oy for the performance of the service provided:

  • Edenred’s service providers
  • Partners including social media platforms such as:
    • Meta’s platforms such as Facebook, Instagram
    • LinkedIn

You may always request specific information regarding which recipients have received your personal data.

Transfer of the personal data

Edenred Finland Oy ensures that your personal data collected within the mentioned platforms will not be transferred outside the European Union in the absence of an adequacy decision by the European Commission (article 45 of the GDPR) or the establishment of appropriate and adequate safeguards ensuring the security and protection of your personal data, including standard contractual clauses (article 46 of the GDPR). 

Retention of the personal data

Your personal data is retained for a duration of:

  • Cookies: see described retention date per cookie in the cookie banner found in the footer of this page (“Cookie settings”)
  • Webforms and other requests: for the duration of your relationship with us, depending on your status as User, Client, Merchant or Lead contact person: please see the respective privacy notice here
  • Statistics: Personal data are processed for the period necessary to compile and analyze statistics

Once this duration period is reached your personal data will be deleted or anonymized. 

Exercise of rights for the data subject

In accordance with the applicable regulation, you are entitled to access, rectify, and erase your data). Under certain circumstances and the conditions set forth in the applicable law, you also have a right to object to and obtain restriction of the data processing activity.

You can exercise your rights, by filling in the relevant form accessible here or by writing to Edenred Finland Oy – Elimäenkatu 15, 00510 Helsinki, Finland.

When we do not have the legal possibility to assist you in exercising your rights because of the data being under the power of one of the platforms mentioned above, the data controller is that respective platform, and their respective privacy policy applies. For any other type of requests or complaints, you can contact the Data Protection Correspondent by sending an email to

We also remind you that you can lodge a complaint about the processing of your personal data with your local personal data protection authority, such as Tietosuoja.