Discover new places

to use your benefit with the new map search in MyEdenred

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Discover new places

to use your benefit with the new map search in MyEdenred

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You can save €550 per year
when utilizing lunch benefit
offered by your employer


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You can save €550 per year
when utilizing lunch benefit
offered by your employer


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Lunch benefit

Have a lunch outside the office with your colleagues
and get energy for your work day!

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Sport and culture benefit

Utilize the benefit offered by your employer
and do sports that you’ll enjoy.

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Commuting benefit 

People using public transportation for work commuting
take 2000 steps more in a day than people using their own car.

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over 14 500

lunch places

nearly 8000

sport and culture places

300 000


Search places

Search lunch restaurants or sport places in your region from our new search engine. Write the name of the place or the address.

What’s my balance?

In MyEdenred you can activate your card, check your balance, discover new places to use your benefits with the new Map search and pay easily with mobile payment.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I activate my card?

This is how you activate your card:

  1. Download MyEdenred application from your app store or go to 
  2. Open MyEdenred application and choose “Activate card”
  3. Enter the 10-digit serial number from the back of the card and your identity number
  4. Sign up to MyEdenred service where you can
    • check your benefit’s balance and transaction history
    • pay with your mobile phone
    • update your contact information
    • send a top up request for your employer (if your employer has enabled this feature)
    • send a tip of sport or recreational place where you would like to use your benefit


Where can I check my balance?

In MyEdenred-application or at Your employer will top up the balance, and load cycle usually goes hand in hand with salary payment. You will receive more precise information about the upload and timetable from the person who is responsible from employee benefits in your company.

How long is my card and card’s balance valid?

Validity period of cards is 24 months from their order date. You can see the validity from the front side of your card. Your company’s contact person receives information about expiring cards and is able to order new cards.

Lunch-, recreational-, cultural and transport benefit balance is valid two years since the balance top up. You may check the expiring balance from MyEdenred-application or at After the card has been dismissed (during layoff for instance), the balance validity is dependent upon the employer; 30 days unless corrective measures are made.

Where can I use my card?

Card can be used in 14.500 restaurants and in 7.000 sport- and cultural places belonging to Edenred acceptance network around Finland. You may search places here. Recreational and cultural benefit is voluntary, tax exempt benefit for sports- and cultural activities.

I have lost my card, what should I do?

You may block the card by contacting Edenred Finland’s customer service Mo-Fri 9am to 4pm (09) 7594 2848. Afterwards kindly contact your employer to order a new card.

Please check from MyEdenred- service, that your address details are correct for receiving the new card.


Do I need a PIN code when using Edenred card

No, you use your card without PIN code. Just insert the card to payment terminal and accept the payment by signing the receipt.

You can use Edenred cards and Ticket Duo cards with  contactless payment.  You have to sign the receipt also when using contactless payment.



Lunch break improves work efficiency

A recent study shows that having a lunch break is definitely worth it!

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Maximum limit for contactless payment increases to 50 euros on 12.4.2019

The contactless card transaction limit will be raised from 25 euros to 50 euros on the 12th of April 2019.

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You can now buy HSL mobile tickets with your Ticket Transport® card

Edenred Finland and HSL have started a collaboration, which has enabled the purchase of HSL mobile tickets with Edenred’s commuting benefit.

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Would you like to have a lunch benefit, sport and culture benefit or commuting benefit offered by your employer? Send us a tip and our sales team will contact your employer.