Tips for using your Edenred Massage benefit

Tips for using your Edenred Massage benefit

Massage is a well-known way to relax and treat your body as part of your recovery. The Edenred Massage covers around 4,000 massage locations across Finland - our network includes large chains such as Rela Hierojat and Fysios Mehiläinen massage services, as well as numerous local providers. You can also buy massage gift cards for personal use with the Edenred Massage benefit. 


Tax Administration's instructions on the use of the massage benefit

The Tax Administration decides on the massage benefit, its amount and its use. The massage benefit is a fringe benefit that can be used for classical or sports massage and is intended for muscle care, recovery and relaxation.    

Please, note that the Tax Administration sets payment limits for the benefit each year, within which the benefit can be used. The benefit is not available for physiotherapy, chiropractic or spa services. 

How to use the Edenred Massage benefit

Are you going to treat yourself to a massage? Great, this is how your benefit works:

  1. Check the MyEdenred app to see if your employer offers the Edenred Massage benefit.
  2. Activate your benefit in MyEdenred, see here for instructions.
  3. Add your benefit to Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay for your massage quickly and easily. 
  4. Find a massage location that suits you in our network and book an appointment.  
  5. Relax and enjoy your massage.
  6. Pay for your massage on the spot with the MyEdenred app, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Before you go for a massage, please check that your Massage benefit has enough balance. If you have the MyChoice feature in the MyEdenred app, you can conveniently transfer your balance between your benefits, e.g. from the Transport benefit to the Massage benefit. MyChoice automatically takes into account the maximum benefit limits set by the Tax Administration. 

The Edenred Massage is its own benefit

Please note that Edenred's wide selection of benefits includes the massage benefit called Edenred Massage as well as the sports and culture benefit Edenred Virike. These are separate benefits and Edenred Virike is intended for recreational and hobby activities and cannot be used to pay for massage services. Massage services must be paid for with Edenred Massage. If you are not sure which benefit you have, you can check it on MyEdenred.

Employer, order the Edenred Massage for your employees

With the Edenred Massage benefit, you show that you care about the well-being of your staff. Taking care of your staff has a direct impact on reducing sick leave, increasing job satisfaction, employee engagement and company image. When recruiting new staff, a wide range of employment benefits is a major competitive advantage. If you don't already offer Edenred Massage, check out and order your benefits now:  

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